Dad's Home Movies

Trip to Wisconsin (February 1951)

Dad drives from California to Wisconsin and visits the Duttons, Wildermuths and other family. Featuring Pete and Jean.

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Home and Domestic Glances (1951?)

Dick and Nelda's house in San Bernardino with a visit by Allen and Olive.

Watering at Dad's parents Leaver and Jo in Fontana. Christmas with Aunt Edith.

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San Francisco (1951?)

Dick and Nelda visit San Francisco.

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Spring, National Parks (1952?)

Spring in California. Dick and Nelda visit Pike's Peak, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite etc.

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Windridge and Fern Grove Dairy (1953)

Brand new to us Windridge farm.

Bob (and presumably Olive and Nelda) make ice cream at Fern Grove Dairy which is the home of Allen and Olive (Nelda's parents) in Cornell. Allen "helps".

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Miscellany (1953?)

Art and Linda, Art splashing in the yard. Water skiing, University of Wisconsin campus, installing antennas for WHA.

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Paul Exploring (1955)

Boring baby pictures. Art, Linda and Paul. Linda sports a nice bonnet, we see the Rambler station wagon.

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Windridge Capers (1955)

Adventures of Art, Linda and Paul. Annette as a baby.

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Christmas (1956)

Christmas with Laura and Paul in Cornell.

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Walter Lanz: "Bathing Buddies" (1946)

Dad bought a black and white Castle Films release of this Woody Woodpecker cartoon and showed it in front of most family screenings of his films. The cartoon was originally released in theaters in 1946 in color (I never knew this before) and can be seen on YouTube, here in a nice transfer but clipped to widescreen: Bathing Buddies. For more information and the full 4:3 aspect ratio see Devon Baxter's breakdown.

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