Joanne's Firepit

Here is Joanne's firepit installed on its rock, with some temporary contents.

Building the Firepit

I made the pattern for this cast iron firepit in Gary Martin's patternmaking class, which I've been taking for many years now (its more like a club than a class.) Joanne and I thought it would be a nice thing to have, and in late 2007 I started working on it thinking there would be plenty of time to have it ready for her big birthday in summer 2008. The first one was finally poured in spring 2009.

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Several other folks want one, and a local garden designer is selling them.

Fire Grate

Below is a design for a cast iron grate I'm making for the firepit. The white shows the firepit rim with some handles that we decided not to do. I'm also making a plug for the hole in the bottom.