More PDP-8 Pictures

This is a set of pictures of PDP-8's in my collection. These pictures were taken while moving part of the collection from one leased warehouse to another.

These are not professional shots. They were taken with Kodacolor 200 in a mix of ambient (indirect) and flourescent light. (The exact mix depends on the time of day each picture was taken.) Some of the pictures are rather dark.

The negatives were transferred to Photo-CD. The 1024x1536 version of each picture was translated to JPEG with hpcdtoppm and cjpeg at the default quality setting of 75.

The pictures here are of the PDP-8, PDP-8/I, PDP-12, PDP-8a (310), and WT/78. Not yet included are pictures of the PDP-5, PDP-8/e, and DECmate II, or any other -8's I happen to pick up. They will come later.


Note: These are relatively large files, typically 200KB.

Classic PDP-8

Classic 8 in a rack. Front view.

Closeup of front panel.

Front/side view with CPU pulled out on its slides.

Processor side modules view. Note - this is a basic 4K machine.

Memory side modules.

Front view fully open showing the wire-wrapped backplanes.

Back view of rack with doors open.


Front view of PDP-8/I complete system. Rightmost rack has 8I CPU, 8K, power supply in bottom, PC04 paper tape reader in the middle, several PT-08 teletype interfaces in top. Middle rack contains a fixed head disk, RF08 I think. Left rack I forget, but probably has magtape control and other stuff. Magtape drive (TU20) was lost.

Front view of CPU rack.

Front/side view with CPU pulled out on slides. Note logic on left slides out, Power supply is mounted on right side of rack. Additional power supplies (for teletype interfaces) mounted on back of rack.

Back/side view opposite of above.


Front view of PDP-12. This is a basic 8K machine with dual LINCtape. Standard configuration includes X-Y CRT, analog I/O, timers, and relay register. CPU built with PDP-8/I technology, executes PDP-8 and LINC instruction sets.

Side view. Note logic on back of rack.

Back view showing wire-wrapped backplane.


Front view of DECsystem 310. Not shown is the obligatory VT52 CRT, which sits in the well.

Back view. 8A CPU is top left.


Front view of WT/78 with builtin PDP-8 microprocessor.

8 inch dual floppy drive that goes with WT/78.

High resolution

Full-resolution versions of some of these pictures.
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