Vacation '98

Wed Jun 17

Arrived in New York City on the red-eye. Visited Meridian Machinery and drove the length of Flatbush Avenue to visit the

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Thu Jun 18


Its like you get on the plane in New York in the morning, you have a long fabulous lunch, and you get off in London in the evening.

Fri Jun 19

We stayed in London at Harrington Hall in Knightsbridge. We went to the Bermondsey antique market first thing in the morning. On the way back into the city we toured the WWII light cruiser HMS Belfast. After lunch we walked to St. Paul's.

Sat Jun 20

Went to Harrod's in the morning and then took the train to Manchester.

Sun Jun 21

Attended the 50th anniversary of the SSEM, the first stored-program electronic computer, also known as the Baby. Our friend Chris Burton headed the project to recreate it and successfully reran the first program 50 years later to the minute.

Mon Jun 22


We visited the old walled city, walked the wall and ate lunch in an old pub.


This house features the lives of the servants as well as the family.

Sychnant Pass Hotel

We stayed here three nights, its run by a couple; he runs the front of the house and she prepares the meals. Ate dinner there every night, the food was excellent. Our trusty Renault mini-mini-van "Jacques" is on the far left.

Tue Jun 23


A huge estate and garden.


This is the town we stayed near. It is one of Edward's castles with a planned town. We toured the castle and walked the remaining sections of wall.

Wed Jun 24

We went to the Isle of Anglesey and toured Plas Neuyd.


Another of Edwards castles, this one is bigger and very cool with a moat and passages within the walls. Afterwards we drove to Mt. Snowden back on the mainland.

Thu Jun 25

Ffestiniog Railway

We took this narrow guage former mine train from Porthmadog on the ocean to Ffestiniog and back.


This is a wonderful Italianate folly village. The TV show "The Prisoner" was filmed here, among others. We stayed in Upper Pilot house.

Fri Jun 26

On our way to visit Chris and Valerie we toured a working slate mine (the one the railway served) with a fascinating reconstruction of Victorian mining practices in the old caverns, visited an old mill site where they still run old looms, then walked around an aquaduct carrying a canal (with canal boats!) across a valley.

Sat Jun 27


We stayed a week in Spring Cottage in Snowshill village in the Cotswolds, right across the street from the manor.

Sun Jun 28

This was the big 4-garden day. We visited 14 gardens all told while we were in the Cotswolds. All of today's gardens were open on the National Garden Scheme. I only saw two of them.

Mon Jun 29


We toured Snowshill Manor, then went to nearby Broadway. We had a relaxing drink at the ancient Lygon Arms, the oldest part of it dates to the 16th century.

Tue Jun 30

Sudeley Castle

Three queens lived here starting with Catherine, Henry VIII's last wife, after his death. There are many lovely gardens, two in the ruins of the old Banqueting Hall.

Wed Jul 01


We went back to this famous garden and spent the whole morning.


This is an interesting more modern garden, part of it on a steep terraced slope. Its also home to the enormous old Kiftsgate Rose, which covers two trees.


Joanne read about this "gastro-pub" in our area. The food was fancy and quite good.

Thu Jul 02


For my birthday we started by visiting this factory where they make roadsters by hand.

Bredon Hill

After the obligatory garden visit to The Priory at Kemerton, we stopped on the way back to hike Bredon Hill to old fortifications and a much older hill fort, as well as nice views of the valley and the Swan's Neck of the Avon river.

Fri Jul 03


We spent the morning antiquing here.


We toured the India-inspired Jacobean house and the gardens with an extensive water feature.

Sat Jul 04

Rodmarton Manor

On our last day in the Cotswolds we visited Bibury, with an old mill and row of cottages, then looked in at this wonderful arts-and-crafts garden before heading back to London to turn in Jacques at Heathrow and back to Harrington Hall.

Sun Jul 05


We spent four days in London. We visited the Museum of London, the British Museum, had a picnic in Hyde Park, shopped for art and antiques, and went to shows ("Rent" and "The Phantom of the Opera")

Wed Jul 08


We spent 6 days on the crossing. The weather was fine except for one day when it was rough enough Joanne had to take something. There was plenty to do and, gaining an hour nearly every night, we could stay up late if we wanted.

Mon Jul 13

We had our own table in the Coronia restaurant for every meal, but sometimes we went to the Lido buffet near the stern. On the last formal attire night (International Night) we had our picture taken with Nelson, our sommellier and Karan, our waitress.

Tue Jul 14

Early this morning we came in to New York City.

Wed Jul 15

The Plaza

We stayed here two days in New York. We shopped, visited galleries in Soho and went to an organ concert and a show ("Art" with Alan Alda.)

Sat Jul 18

On Thursday we flew to Boise for Joanne's sister's wedding.

Denise and Dave's wedding

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