2002 Olympics

February, 2002

The Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Opening Ceremony

We had great seats, a bit low but right across from the athletes and the flame.

Luge and Park City

We met Joanne's sister Denise, Donna and their friends at the Utah Olympic Park for Women's Luge, then joined my brother in Park City for dinner and some shopping.

Lots of people walked uphill to the luge track from the parking lot, when you made it to the venue you got a pin.

Snowboarding - Parallel Slalom

This was the best Alpine event to watch in person. You could see the whole course and its an elimination style competition, two skiers at a time racing each other rather than the clock. The course was difficult and the competitors pushed hard, there were many wipeouts especially on the blue side.

Deer Valley

We went to the Deer Valley venue where Allen was working for the Men's Aerials competition. We didn't take the camera but Allen supplied these shots.

Park City

We went back to Park City after several events for lunch.

A day off

One day when we had only one event in the evening we went sightseeing around the Great Salt Lake. We checked out the Salt Air Pavilion and marina in the south, then visited Antelope Island with its bison herd.

Also, on the way home after the games we stopped at the Golden Spike park, where the first transcontinental railroad was joined east to west.

Ski Jumping

We went to the K120 Team event. This was also at the Utah Olympic Park where you walked up to it. It was great to see the huge jump live and get a feel for the context, but as with many of the events it was hard to see the competitors and easier to follow the action on TV.

Downtown Salt Lake City

Most nights we took TRAX downtown for Figure Skating (or, once each, Short Track Speed Skating or the Medals Ceremony) in the Olympic Plaza.

Once we had it figured out, we found that you could easily get a meal in the early evening and do a little shopping or looking before heading into the secure Olympic Plaza area for more entertainment and the events.

Cross Country Skiing

We went to Soldier Hollow for Cross Country events on the very first day after the opening ceremony and the very last day, in the morning before our last event, the figure skating Ladies Free skate.

Soldier Hollow was the best venue with an old west feeling. You could stand near the start/finish line and be very close to the competitors, and you could see (in the distance) much of the course. At the entrance and in the midst of the course were live old west displays with teepees, log cabins, muleskinners, a pony express stop, wild mustangs, trappers, a blacksmith, weavers, cooks and so on.

Each time instead of taking the bus we went to Heber City and took a steam train (the locals call it the "Heber Creeper", because it goes so slow) followed by a sleigh/hay ride up to the venue. The second time, for the Women's 4x5K relay, we brought along Paul's brother Allen, who managed to get the day off, and the camera.

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