IBM 709x Documentation

IBM 709/7090/7094 Diagnostics Listings

Here are scans of some of the diagnostics documentation for the IBM 709 and 7094 in my collection. They are listed by the diagnostic number, you should be able to correlate these to the binaries on the cards and tapes in the Old IBM Software Project section of the site. They are in PDF format, you will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

709 Diagnostics

These scans are of the binders of diagnostic listings that came with the IBM 709. You can find the diagnostic binaries on the diagnostic card decks listed here.

(OK, well there aren't actually any 709 scans here yet.)

7094 Diagnostics

These are scans of the binders of diagnostic listings that came with the IBM 7094. A few of these diagnostics, especially the one-card programs, are the same as for the 709 and you will find the cards on the page above. Many of the rest are on the DIAG1 tape and on the other tapes listed on the page above.

IBM 709 Module Drawings

Here are some drawings for IBM 709 modules. Warning: these are extremely large black and white GIF files, scanned at 300dpi. And photos for Cory - They are to satisfy the following request, the modules are in William Donzelli's collection. Module drawings apparently have a part number one more than the module part number on the top.
Top number        Tubes         Remarks
504503    (4) 5965, (4) 6211  Looks like a quad 2 input gate
506692    (3) 5965, (2) 6350  Mostly a lumped delay line - caps and coils
520377    (7) 5965, (1) 5687  Lots of diodes and resistors
520431    (7) 5965, (1) 5687  Quite a few diodes
520467              (7) 5965  Two big axial caps, a few diodes, no coils
527750    (3) 5965, (1) 6211, (1) 6350
			      Mostly empty, has two pigtail fuses, supply?

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